Professional and composed

My husband and I were looking for a Summer Home in West Yarmouth. We had been planning this for years. We hooked up with Rudy via Email about a year before we started looking. Rudy gave us great information and tips. When the summer of 2016 finally came we began the search and Rudy became our  Buyer’s Agent. There were bumps and issues that arose with 3 offers we submitted. The 1st one, the seller wanted too much. The 2nd one, the home inspection was overwhelming with issues. The 3rd one, had delays, heating issues, foundation issues, and title issues. To our great joy, we closed on the 3rd home with all the issues resolved. Rudy even made sure the little things were taken care of too! At some point during the process, I was determined to get what I wanted and became aggravated with the process. Rudy stayed professional and composed through the whole process providing advice and direction. Thanks to Rudy, we have our Summer Home and we were very happy we chose him to share the journey.